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If you think that selling cleaning items and encyclopedias are some of the most common items to be sold using the door-to-door method, then maybe a solar vendor has yet to knock on your door. Vivint Solar has been practicing door-to-door selling in order to attract potential buyers to their rooftop solar panels.

There is a challenge in the technical explanations but it turns out to be very effective. As the company is gaining momentum, the COVID-19 pandemic happened and the global economy is the biggest casualty. New rules and regulations impose restrictions on any social interaction, and that includes door-to-door selling.

Vivint Solar and another large vendor, Sunrun, have joined forces and confirmed that they are utilizing in-person sales on allowed locations. However, most have not fared well like Suntuity, which suspended operations on a number of states, and Sunpro, which ceased canvassing for some time. Others are even cautious in giving information on their upcoming plans.

While some parts of the country have eased up with the restrictions, there are still worries about the health risk. Some states see selling solar panels as essential work but some states that are not mandating their constituents to wear masks. Whether they choose to continue conducting sales or not, that decision will affect their operations.

Fortunately, cases seem to gradually drop and vaccines from accredited sources are starting to roll out. Although the news is promising, solar vendors can’t afford to take risks. Since door-to-door sales talk requires a fairly sizeable amount of time, the strategy for most hopefuls is to lessen face time as much as possible while not totally compromising their usual methods.

The risk not only hits the vendors but also their potential buyers as well. Their interests will be hampered by the fear of possible virus contraction. It is fair to say that online selling is the safest transition for now.

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