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The amount of power supplied by batteries from renewable energy systems to the grid is expected to raise at least tenfold by 2030. In the US alone, currently, the batteries are responsible for 1.5 Gigawatts of electric power. As the world is shifting more on renewable energies, the challenge for storing energy at a Gigawatt scale seems to be occurring.

Batteries are necessary components in renewable energy systems and a great help to the grid for adjustability corresponding to the energy demand. The more systems are installed, the greater is the demand for storage.

That is why during the Energy Storage Association policy forum last week, representatives of independent system operators (ISOs) and regional transmission organizations (RTOs); together with storage industry regulators and groups discussed their plans and actions on energy storage integration.

Some companies are currently utilizing hybrid storages. However, the grid market rules have become an obstacle. The concern is already being tackled in last summer’s FERC’s technical conference about hybrid resources.

With that, the root cause of the problem implies that the market rules see the hybrid storages as deviations from the resource types. This calls for the creation of another category that thoroughly deals with hybrid storage alone.

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