What Is Going On With China’s Crazy Clean Energy Installation Figures?

After China announced their official 2020 report on their figures in solar and wind system installations, plenty of analysts cannot believe what they have witnessed. According to China’s National Energy Administration, or NEA, the additional capacity for renewable energy systems is in a whopping total of 120 Gigawatts, which is an unrealistic number.
Given the circumstance in 2020 where China has been the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak, achieving numbers beyond what all expected is simply impossible to happen. The official predictions by International Energy Agency and other entities won’t even exceed 50 Gigawatts on either renewable energy source.
Experts are surprised with the numbers on solar energy but it is …

The Pandemic Rages On: Some Solar Companies Are Still Selling Door-To-Door

If you think that selling cleaning items and encyclopedias are some of the most common items to be sold using the door-to-door method, then maybe a solar vendor has yet to knock on your door. Vivint Solar has been practicing door-to-door selling in order to attract potential buyers to their rooftop solar panels.
There is a challenge in the technical explanations but it turns out to be very effective. As the company is gaining momentum, the COVID-19 pandemic happened and the global economy is the biggest casualty. New rules and regulations impose restrictions on any social interaction, and that includes door-to-door selling.
Vivint Solar and another large vendor, Sunrun, have joined forces and confirmed that they are …

Bloom Energy Sees Future in Hydrogen Fuel Cells Electrolysis and Carbon Capture

Due to the 4th quarter sales surge, Bloom Energy’s profitability target is projected as a year earlier. The annual deliveries of fuel cell increase to 132.6 Megawatts. Together with the effort of reducing cost, K.R. Sridhar, CEO of Bloom Energy, sees that 2021 will be the best year yet for the company.
Although the progress is consistent, Sridhar is expecting to fully adapt the company’s solid-oxide fuel cell technology. This technology aims to generate electricity from hydrogen. The plan was to obtain ‘green’ hydrogen through electrolysis and capture carbon in ‘blue hydrogen’ coming from natural gas. With this, the estimates will appear off the charts as the impacts are on a very large scale.
Bloom Energy …

Vestas Launches the Largest Turbines in the World as Big 3 Competition Ramps Us

The 3 largest wind turbine companies in the West, namely GE, Siemens Gamesa, and Vestas, have been in constant competition with one another over the supremacy for the wind energy sector’s 3 factors of revenue: offshore, onshore, and services. It only takes one technology strategically introduced in order to propel either company into the top spot.
Siemens Gamesa has undergone a recent change in leadership in the offshore department. Their current priority is sticking to what the offshore unit is best at and replicating it in multiple areas. Acquiring the company Senvion is a power move that aims to close the gap of competition with Vestas in the services revenue.
Leading the race in the onshore department is Vestas. Its …

How US Grid Operators Plan To Tackle Energy Storage at Gigawatt Scale

The amount of power supplied by batteries from renewable energy systems to the grid is expected to raise at least tenfold by 2030. In the US alone, currently, the batteries are responsible for 1.5 Gigawatts of electric power. As the world is shifting more on renewable energies, the challenge for storing energy at a Gigawatt scale seems to be occurring.
Batteries are necessary components in renewable energy systems and a great help to the grid for adjustability corresponding to the energy demand. The more systems are installed, the greater is the demand for storage.
That is why during the Energy Storage Association policy forum last week, representatives of independent system operators (ISOs) and regional transmission …

Phone Firms Pile Into Spain’s Renewable Energy Market

The progress of Spain in the renewable energy market has attracted a major industry looking to be power players – the mobile phone industry. Leading company Telefónica is seen to be committed to boosting their advocacy for clean energy while still executing the things they do best like establishing broadband connections.
Apart from Telefónica, other leading mobile phone companies such as Orange and MásMóvil are also preparing to enter the clean energy market. MásMóvil is seen to be preparing a lot as the company bought Lucera, a clean energy provider in Spain, and entered a partnership for selling renewable energy supplies under the ‘EnergyGO’ brand.
MásMóvil also bought Pepephone, another Spanish mobile …

What Could Dethrone Solar In Residential Energy

The energy delivered from electrical utilities has not increased drastically in price even though the demand is ever-growing. This can be largely attributed to the emergent practice of utilizing renewable energy. There are numerous people now that aim to be eco-friendly within their homes and it all started with the solar panel.
Home solar energy systems have been convenient to most residential customers due to the availability of the roof space. Knowing that the sun is constantly shining, having solar panels installed provides an immediate source for usage of low-powered devices.
However, as the market for other components like EVs, hybrid batteries, smart panels, and more are continuing to advance, maybe there’s a …

Safer Batteries Set to Take Over Residential Energy Storage Market

As solar energy is increasing its usage in the US, the demand for solar batteries is also on the rise. The most common battery chemistry being used globally is ‘lithium-ion batteries. However, that term is very broad for classification wherein the lithium-nickel-manganese-cobalt-oxide, or NMC, that is used in electric vehicles, is categorized as such.
With the quest for storing as much energy as possible in such a tiny space raising the risk for unwanted chemical reaction due to heat, or also called ‘thermal runaway’, the need for an alternative is inevitable. One particular substitute that is growing popular is the lithium-iron-phosphate or LFP.
But a lot of studies by giant manufacturers pointed that the ratio …