Solar Panels Made in the USA vs. China

Truthfully, the future of solar power is here and now. However, which country is ruling the solar energy industry? Which country’s solar panel do you use, if you want to fix a solar panel in your home? This article compares solar panels made in the USA vs. China.
China globally dominates 80% of solar panel production. That is why 78% of produced solar cells in 2019 were made in China. Also, the percentage of polysilicon and solar modules produced in China is 66% and 72%, respectively. However, the USA solar industry reduced in 2004 from 13% to 1% till today.
Recently, solar capacity overtook the net growth of coal, the …

A Review of the Best Mid-Range MPPT Solar Charge Controllers in 2021

MPPT solar charge controllers are popularly used for small-scale solar systems, not exceeding 2kW. These solar system accessories are usually pocket-friendly, and their voltage ranges between 100-150V, typically manufactured for solar systems with 12V or 24V batteries. However, you can use many of them on 48V batteries as well.
This article will discuss some of the most commonly used solar charge controllers. You can find more solar charge controllers on …