Solar Summit 2020

Now marks the 13th year of Solar Summit. However, to adapt to the ‘new normal’, it returns as a full virtual conference. With hundreds of notable attendees, the topics to be covered are concerning with the latest improvements in solar markets.
This includes the impact of ‘deep decarbonization’ policy changes across the US and in the international scene, the result of the decreasing ITC, the next-generation for digitalization, and innovative technology that can revolutionize solar energy’s future, the mandate on California’s New Home Solar and other essential issues.
As the industry of solar energy prepares for the decrease of ITC World, asset owners and developers are searching to enhance their pipeline, and now…

Power and Renewables Summit 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has unprecedented effects on the global economy since the aftermath of World War 2. As the world enters the battle and now has a decent fighting chance with the recently rolled out vaccines from different manufacturers, energy stakeholders might have been asking crucial questions such as: “Will decarbonization of the US grid be accelerated or decelerated during the battle against COVID-19 pandemic?” and “How can the pandemic affect the project returns for wide-ranging development of renewable energy systems across the US?”
Beyond the crucial questions revolving around the speed at which energy systems will become ‘renewables-centric’, C-level executives and their utilities, comprehensive …

Grid Edge Innovation Summit 2020

Grid Edge Innovation Summit is a 4-day virtual conference that talks about the different and recent innovations used in the electric grid and what can be expected in the near future. The presentations are likely to be data-intensive in which notable companies at the forefront of the energy sector will handle the preparations.
The topics can be diverse and deep. These include data analytics, artificial intelligence usage, virtual power plants or VPPs, DERMS, and more digital tools. One main point of the discussions will be how those things mentioned can enhance further the resilience and flexibility of the grid.
Featured Speakers:

Nichole Owens – Vice President, Customer Channels…