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The progress of Spain in the renewable energy market has attracted a major industry looking to be power players – the mobile phone industry. Leading company Telefónica is seen to be committed to boosting their advocacy for clean energy while still executing the things they do best like establishing broadband connections.

Apart from Telefónica, other leading mobile phone companies such as Orange and MásMóvil are also preparing to enter the clean energy market. MásMóvil is seen to be preparing a lot as the company bought Lucera, a clean energy provider in Spain, and entered a partnership for selling renewable energy supplies under the ‘EnergyGO’ brand.

MásMóvil also bought Pepephone, another Spanish mobile challenger. With its PepeEnergy subsidiary, the company seeks to continue selling clean energy. Its Portuguese subsidiary, Nowo, has recently propelled an energy offering in the Portuguese market. Considering what MásMóvil has amassed in the past years, they are looking to be big players in Spain’s energy sector.

All of the movements are fueled after the infamous ‘sun tax’ was being axed. The said tax serves to squeeze more money from taxpayers just by installing solar panels on their rooftops. With that out of the way, companies are only thinking about the massive benefits, either for the environment or their interest.

Telefónica has been selling internet-of-things products. This involves monitoring necessities such as gas, water, and electricity, and remote management of air conditioning and lighting. Knowing the fact that these products utilize electricity, the company has gained motivation in seeking a cheaper, better alternative energy resource.

Overall, business is still business, where profits are logically the priority. Seeing that a mobile phone company has subscribers or in a businessman’s perspective, loyal customers, it already has the ingredient for a successful product distribution along with other ingredients like product and service bundling, financing, and client service.

What the mobile phone companies engaging in the clean energy business need to do is to hire quality installers to do the job. The power move seems thrilling for the Unión Española Fotovoltaica, or UNEF, a Spanish photovoltaic union.

Telefónica’s market growth in 2020 only validates the mobile phone companies’ shift in focus and with the COVID-19 pandemic urging all citizens to stay indoors, renewable energy becomes a better investment than bank savings.

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