Who We Are

How to Join

CERC is a research and development (R&D) partnership between the United States and China to accelerate the development and deployment of advanced clean energy technologies.

The United States and China are not only the world’s largest economies; they are also the world’s largest energy producers and energy consumers. The two countries recognize the vital importance of secure, affordable and clean energy resources; seeks to diversify sources of energy and transform energy use; and see technological innovation as a means to economic growth, environmental quality and a better future. Both countries are expanding 21st century infrastructure, most of which has yet to be built and can be significantly influenced by advanced technologies. The priorities of the U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center reflect important areas of opportunity for both countries.


CERC accelerates development and rapid deployment of critical technologies for clean energy in the United States and China. CERC’s mission is to generate a diversified energy supply and accelerate the transition to an efficient and low–carbon economy while delivering economic and environmental benefits to both countries.

Research Consortia

CERC focuses its R&D activities in five technical tracks:

Additionally, CERC has established a robust intellectual property framework comprised of the CERC Protocol and the Intellectual Property Annex. The framework enables research partners to share information with confidence and to retain appropriate rights for new technologies they create.


CERC is supported by public and private funding of at least $250 million over five years (2016-2020), split evenly between the two countries. All U.S. government resources flow to U.S.-based partners and all Chinese government resources flow to Chinese-based partners. In its first phase (2011-2015), CERC had a budget of US$150 million over five years.