Steering Committee Meeting

U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center
January 10, 2013
Washington, DC

In January 2013, the Steering Committee met to review achievements and plan next steps. Secretary Chu, Minister Wan, industry partners, and other stakeholders reviewed CERC’s implementation status and the achievements of its three research consortia. The meeting also included a business roundtable for CERC partners and concluded with a Minister-led discussion on the future of the U.S.-China CERC.

Opening Remarks

  • Opening Remarks, Secretary Chu, DOE
  • Opening Remarks, Minister WAN, MOST

Overview Presentations

CERC Advanced Coal Technology Technical Briefing

  • US-China ACTC Research Overview, Jerald J. Fletcher, Director, US-ACTC, and Prof. ZHENG Chuguang, Director, China-ACTC
    English PDF| Chinese PDF
  • US-China Advanced Coal Technology Consortia: Technical Highlights, Dr. S. Julio Friedmann (LLNL), Dr. Yao Qiang (Tsinghua), and Dr. Xu Shisen (Huaneng CERI) English PDF| Chinese PDF

CERC Clean Vehicles Technical Briefing

  • US-China CVC Research Overview and Technical Highlights, Huei Peng, UM, and Ouyang Minggao, THU
    English PDF| Chinese PDF

CERC Buildings Energy Efficiency Technical Briefing

  • US-China BEE Research Overview and Technical Highlights, Nan Zhou, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), and Younong Liu, Science & Technology Center of MoHURD (CSTC)
    English PDF| Chinese PDF

Intellectual Property Update

  • Dennis Bracy, CEF
  • WANG Qiang, MOST

Business Round-Table with CERC Partners

  • David Mohler, Duke, Lead
  • Mike Timor, Ford, Lead
  • Bill Jackson, Dow, Lead

Minister-led Discussion & Closing Remarks

  • Discussion and Closing Remarks, Secretary Chu, DOE
  • Discussion and Closing Remarks, Minister WAN, MOST