Dr. Yuan Yao

China Program Director for CERC BEE

Dr. Yao Yuan is a Visiting Faculty in the China Energy Group, Environmental Energy Technologies Division, of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He is the China Representative for the U.S.- China Clean Energy Research Center for Buildings Energy Efficiency (CERC-BEE) and the program manager for the LBNL-Shenzhen IBR Joint Research Center. Dr. Yao’s recent work includes managing government relations in China for CERC-BEE and coordinating between U.S. and Chinese researchers. Dr. Yao also manages the research progress of the LBNL-Shenzhen IBR Joint Research Center while exploring other research opportunities for the China Energy Group in China. Dr. Yao holds a PhD in Building Science from Tsinghua University. His PhD thesis was in the Indoor Air Quality area. He joined LBNL as an affiliate right after his graduation.