Dr. Sun Qingyun

Associate Director of the US-China Center at West Virginia University

Dr. Qingyun Sun serves as the Associate Director of the US-China Center, hosted by the West Virginia University (WVU), working on clean coal research and industrial development in the US and China.

Dr. Sun has a strong background in coal industry and he is specialized in coal conversion commercial development. Since 2000 Dr. Sun has been involved in multiple CTL development and carbon management projects in the U.S. and China. Dr. Sun’s research interests include coal mining, coal conversion, CCUS, environmental quality analysis, GIS and remote sensing, industrial planning and land reclamation, applied resources econometrics, and international energy and environmental programs.

Dr. Sun holds a B.A. in Chemical Engineering (1984) and a MS in Environmental Engineering (1990) from the China University of Mining & Technology (Beijing), an M.A. in Geography and a Ph.D in Soil Sciences (2000) from West Virginia University.

Dr. Sun is the West Virginia Governor’s Assistant for collaboration with China and CTL development in the State of West Virginia.