Dr. Michael Wang

Deputy Director

Dr. Michael Wang is the manager of the Systems Assessment Group, Energy Systems Division at Argonne National Laboratory. His research areas include the evaluation of energy and environmental impacts of advanced vehicle technologies and new transportation fuels, the assessment of market potentials of new vehicle and fuel technologies, and the projection of transportation development in emerging economies such as China. Dr. Wang is a senior fellow in the Computation Institute and a faculty associate in the Energy Policy Institute, both at the University of Chicago. He is an associate editor of one international journal (Biotechnology for Biofuels) and on the editorial boards of two others (Frontiers of Energy and Power Engineering in China and Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Changes). Dr. Wang is a board member of the International Council for Clean Transportation, a board member of the DeltaWing Technologies Group, and a member of the advisory board of the China Automotive Energy Research Center at China’s Tsinghua University. He is the former chair of the Subcommittee on the International Aspects of Transportation Energy and Alternative Fuels of the U.S. Transportation Research Board.