July 2016

CERC released its Annual Report for the 15-month period ending in December 2015. The Annual Report highlights achievements from CERC’s first phase (2011-2015), and lays out plans for CERC’s second phase (2016-2020). Specifically, it includes highlights of:

  • Phase 1 Accomplishments that accelerate technology development, strengthen bilateral engagement, improve IP protection, and expedite market uptake of low-carbon technologies
  • 2014–2015 Accomplishments in each of the three existing CERC consortia—advanced coal technologies, energy-efficient buildings, and clean vehicles—and the planning milestones achieved for the two new consortia—the energy-water nexus and more efficient medium- and heavy-duty trucks
  • Phase 2 Plans for the period 2016-2020 for all five consortia

For more details visit CERC Annual Report 2014-2015 and Review of CERC Phase 1.