Meeting Materials

July 11, 2014

U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center
Beijing, China

In July 2014, the Steering Committee met to review CERC’s plans and progress to date and to discuss the direction for a possible second phase (2016-2020) of the CERC program. The meeting was presided over by Vice Minister Cao Jianlin. Secretary Moniz; Minister Wan; Ambassador Baucus; senior officials from DOE, USTDA, MOST, NEA and MOHURD; industry partners; and stakeholders participated in the meeting. The meeting included a business roundtable for CERC partners, an update on intellectual property, and concluded with remarks on the future of CERC.

Welcome, Introductions and Opening Remarks

  • Minister Wan, MOST
  • Secretary Moniz, DOE
  • Ambassador Baucus
  • Chief Planner Tang Kai, MOHURD

Overview Presentations

  • Overview by U.S. and China CERC Directors, Cai Jianing, MOST, and Bob Marlay, DOE
    English PDF

CERC Buildings Energy Efficiency Technical Briefing

  • US-China BEE Technical Briefing: Overview and Research Highlights, Liang Junqiang, MOHURD, and Nan Zhou, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)
    English PDF

CERC Advanced Coal Technology Technical Briefing

  • US-China ACTC Technical Briefing: Overview and Research Highlights, Zheng Chuguang, Director, China-ACTC, and James Wood, Director, US-ACTC
    English PDF

CERC Clean Vehicles Technical Briefing

  • US-China CVC Technical Briefing and Research Highlights, Ouyang Minggao, THU, and Huei Peng, UM
    English PDF

Intellectual Property Update

  • CERC IP Accomplishments and Challenges, Yu Xiang, HUST, and Stacy Baird, CEF
    English PDF

Business Round-Table with CERC Partners

  • China ACTC: Xu Shisen, China Huaneng Group
  • U.S. ACTC: Will Latta, LP Amina
  • China CVC: Yu Ping, JJE Tech (Beijing) Co.
  • U.S. CVC: Andy Brown, Delphi
  • China BEE: Lou Duo, China Singyes Solar Technologies Holding Limited
  • U.S. BEE: Rob Nachtrieb, Lutron

Additional Remarks

  • Leocadia Zak, Director, USTDA

Closing Remarks

  • Minister Wan, MOST
  • Secretary Moniz, DOE